Bunnycopter is an indie game development studio based in Leuven, Belgium.
Our first title Broken Bots is currently available on Steam and Playstation 4.

Malfunction Update

This update is a complete rework of the malfunctions mechanic. We removed most of the randomness and are giving the power back to the player. It’s now up to you to cause negative malfunctions on enemies or positive effects on your teammates.

  • Players now have a malfunction gun. Charge it up by killing enemies and completing objectives. When fully charged, shooting an enemy will give them a negative malfunction while shooting a friendly player will result in a positive malfunction.
  • Malfunctions now spread like a virus. Get close to positive malfunctions to get a piece of the action, but steer away from negative malfunctions!
  • Malfunctions have a better visual effect to distinguish positive (blue) from negative (red) effects.
  • Match time reduced to 5 minutes (from 10). We also introduced new leaderboards to keep things fair (but kept the old ones for bragging rights).

Note : Due to the nature of this update, all player preferences will be wiped such as control schemes and resolution settings. Player Stats, Rank and Unlocks will not be affected.

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