Broken Bots Open Beta starts now!

Jan 16 2015

The Broken Bots Beta has started! Go to the downloads page to get your game client and join the fray.

You don’t even have to worry about grabbing a friend anymore as we now have AI players that will join automatically. That being said, feel free to invite friends and enemies to have fun with you!

A lot has changed since the last test beta. Some of the changes include:

  • Updated graphics and pretty new effects
  • Rockets, rockets, ROCKETS!
  • A flamethrower for those who like their enemies crispy
  • A radar to track your enemies with
  • New secondaries: mines and turrets to help you out while you’re off causing mayhem!
  • AI Players to play with in case you’re alone
  • Auto-balancing of teams
  • A brand new updater that doesn’t require any plugins
  • A LOT of bugfixes!
  • And much, much more

So come check it out and let us know what you think (or report any technical issues you may have) over on our forums.

See you in battle!

Broken Bots on Gameforce

Oct 8 2014


Thanks to the kind folks at flega we got some booth space at Gameforce Antwerp to showcase Broken Bots. Our 4 available seats were filled the entire weekend and people were having a blast! The new visuals together with our latest additions, the flamethrower & rocket launcher, really made the game pop and generated a lot of interest at our booth. Check it out in some new screenshots below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.04.47 Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.05.15 Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.06.14

Broken Bots Beta is Live!

Aug 7 2014

The Broken Bots beta has started! Visit to download the game client and take control of your bot. Watch out for developers Jonesah (lead dev) and Hinkle (lead artist) who will be frequenting the servers. Keep an eye on our twitter feed to know when we are playing.

Earn discounts and rewards by playing the beta:

We’ve got some special rewards for the hard-core among you:

  • Daily Top 10: Every day the top 10 players for that day will earn a free full copy of Broken Bots (delivered at launch)
  • Beta Week Top 3: The Top 3 players at the end of the Beta will win a $100, $50 and $20 Steam gift card respectively

For more information or technical support, mail us at or join us in the developer forums.

Feature Highlight : Heal

Jun 25 2014

Easy to use, hard to master. Get the upper hand in a crucial fight by timing your heal just right. This instant heal skill can give you those extra few seconds needed to kill your opponent or capture that objective.

Soundtrack Sunday 01

Jun 1 2014

Here’s a new track for the Broken Bots soundtrack. You may remember it from our teaser video. Repetitive retro-vibed dance beats are the new craze in Robo-town, get with it!

First Broken Bots Alpha Test

Apr 16 2014

This weekend we hosted our first proper alpha test for Broken Bots. After fixing a couple of inevitable unexpected bugs we played a few 12-player deathmatch games. We received a lot of feedback and are eager to start tweaking the game. Click for more pictures.

Announcing Broken Bots

Feb 16 2014

Broken Bots is Bunnycopter’s first project. A team based multiplayer game in which you wage war against your friends or enemies with poorly built malfunctioning robots. Try to overcome total chaos in the heat of the battle with broken systems and malfunctioning weapons. Broken Bots will feature a variety of game modes, bots, weaponry and skills. Prepare to slide across the battlefield uncontrollably while slinging grenades at your teammates. Keep an eye on our development blog for updates.